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Cam and Elaine Pattison

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One thought on “Cam’s Tile”

  1. Hi Cam. My name is Jeanette Craigie. You did an amazingly fabulous job on my kitchen, foyer and 2 bathrooms at 103 Grove Street years ago. Since then I have moved to Chilliwack and am currently renovating my bathroom. I am getting some quotes that lack price of installation per square foot and just give a general quote but when I break it down it comes to $24 per square foot including $4 for the install of a simple 13″ tile – nothing fancy. This seems a little higher than what I would anticipate (you were charging $4 / tile about 10 years ago and I would anticipate maybe $6 – $8 per foot for install…). Realizing the going rate in the rat race might be a little more than what it is in Princeton, what do you think would be a reasonable rate these days – I have always trusted your judgement…

    Your advice would be greatly appreciated.


    Jeanette Craigie

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