The Cars of Coalmont

Last edition I wrote an article called Our Cultural Icons which probably brought mixed reactions. There is a wide range of people here, and to me that is a wonderful thing. I am happy to know that not everyone thinks like me. The article was mostly about the questionable actions of the RDOS bylaws officer regarding tidy premises, but I will leave that alone for now and instead continue about the car culture of our area and how it might be seen by people from other parts of the world.

Old car on Columbia

First of all, there is an unusual amount of historic cars in our area. When you consider that the average age of cars on the road is under 10 years, and that half the population of Canada was born after 1972, then it becomes obvious that we are living in an historically interesting area.

I’ve been surfing the internet and looking at the pictures that tourists take when they are here. Very interesting indeed. The very car that I showed last issue as an example is pictured several places. In fact all the cars we used to see on Parrish street and elsewhere, are chosen photographic subject of some.


Ken Burke’s “new” Jeep’s are another image which was captured. My guess is that to someone who comes from a nice clean consumer oriented neighbourhood, this town is a visual feast. We certainly have a few things to look at around here which haven’t been seen in larger cities for half a century.

Another car which was photographed, and who could miss it, was Eddie’s 1948 Chevy PU. His school bus rates too. Scott’s classic camper and his VW bugs also caught someone’s photographic eye. Dolly, Randy’s old truck, is also there.

Maple Leaf 3 Ton

The fact is that many people in other parts of the world never get to see that old car culture. In Denmark, for example, they aren’t even allow to drive cars with damaged bodywork! And there are no old wrecks to be found anywhere off the road either. No wonder Europeans take lots of pictures when they come to Coalmont. We’re photogenic! In fact, to many people around the world, Coalmont is an exotic place. We don’t think we’re exotic – but then we live here.