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Coalmont Station Park

Three employees from the regional district showed up at the park today. Peter Skinner, Andres Abbott, and Matthew Lalonde came, did some cleanup, and erected two signs that say “COALMONT STATION PARK, Coalmont British Columbia, March 2020 Concept Designs.”

Peter, Andres, and Matthew from RDOS

The signs, one on the Parish Street side and one along the trail, have pictures with some concept designs. Apparently they are temporary and a more substantial and permanent sign is planned.

Temporary sign with concept pictures

A few dedicated Coalmont residents have put in some hard work doing cleanup on several occasions, but this is the first real movement toward the development of our park by RDOS that we’ve seen on the ground. The physical presence of a sign with the name of the park will give it some legitimacy and hopefully some more love and respect. §

Coalmont Station Park view from Parrish