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Septic Skeptic

Home septic systems are always a concern in our town. Clearly, everyone needs to get rid of their sewage, but nowadays there are different systems for doing that. At the recent meeting of Coalmont residents with the regional director, Brad Hope, there were some interesting questions raised, and some even more interesting answers.

Regarding this subject, the opening question was “What rights do we have regarding the Cottages of Coalmont?” As everyone knows, this is a proposal for 24 seasonal homes on 26 lots. That was a hot topic, and as it turned out, Brad had already done some research on it. He had determined that the rules regarding septic systems had changed recently. Yes, again. Continue reading Septic Skeptic

Just For The Record

It’s cold and icy outside and one’s mind is likely to turn to reminiscing about warmer times. It was way back in the summer, but it is worth putting down – just for the record. Another iteration of Tulameen Days, came and went.

The whole week leading up to the big weekend showed a day by day increase in campers, boats, 4WD’s, trailers and motor homes loaded to the gunnels with motor sport toys of all descriptions. This was clearly a major invasion and we saw the usual, and somewhat comical for such a small town, gridlock at Parrish and Main. Continue reading Just For The Record


A walk down by the old works yard will show something which, to many, is quite frightening. A new subdivision. It looks like Coalmont’s population is about to double. There are fresh white surveyers stakes in a row, even on the side that is zoned industrial, and signs with lot numbers. A pleasant looking little two story house with basement is already framed and construction is moving along. There is a sign advertising “Cottages of Coalmont” Continue reading NEW PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT IN COALMONT ~ What’s In It For Us ?