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The Story of Similkameen

On the Coalmont Community History page you will find links to the best and most comprehensive information on our past. However, the history of our area is mostly documented in old newspapers and a few key books which are not easy to get hold of.

Mr. and Mrs. John Fall AllisonPerhaps the best known is Don Blake’s book “Blakeburn, From Dust to Dust” which has been out of print so long that when the odd copy surfaces, it sells for well over $100.

The Story of Similkameen, by Rev. John Goodfellow is another key book. This little book was originally published in 1958 and has become almost impossible to find.
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The Town of Welldo

More than a few little towns have sprung up out of nowhere, developed into busy places, and then disappeared back into the dust. Granite Creek is supposedly a record holder in that catagory, but what other records have been set in town development?

Did you know about the town of Welldo located just a little over a mile from here? Yes, this came as a surprise to me too. Continue reading The Town of Welldo


For those that enjoy looking at old pictures and want to know more about Coalmont, here is an excellent new series of pages.

Bob and Diane Sterne have been working hard to collect and compile historical information and pictures of our town. From the WELCOME page you can access the very excellent short history and the new picture pages named The Beginning, Boom Times, Upper Town, and Community.

I really like the pictures of the school. The one with Walt Smart as a schoolboy is noteworthy. He had a basket on the front of his bike – very cool. Can you even buy one of those any more? One thing you definately won’t find outside of a museum is the likes of Dave Brown’s pedal car shown here parked out behind the bank.