The most important thing about any community is the people. Several people have passed away this last year and we are reminded of the fragility, as well as the value, of life.

Ruby and Jim English moved here in 1972 and Coalmont is just not going to be the same without Ruby. Her full obituary is in this edition.

Last summer there was a wake for Linda Pudsey at the Granite Creek campground where she had been host for a number of years. She was much loved by the regulars there. Many people showed up to pay their respects and a bench was erected in her honour. Linda was only 44 when she died.

Peggy Falk, née Lakeland, was born June 20, 1916, and went to school in Blakeburn. Her father was a police officer there. She died July 30, 2008 at the age of 92. Peggy wanted to be buried up here and already had her plot reserved in Princeton some years ago. Her son Al Falk still lives with wife Sheila here in Coalmont.

Just recently, we have had the death of Ken Thompson who had lived here for many years. I saw him not too long before he died. I’ll miss going to his charming little house at the end of Fraser street. He always had Christmas lights on. He called them his “happy lights”.

~ Ole Juul

Ruby English

Ruby Blanche (Ready) Devoted wife and beloved mother, grandma and great-grandma passed away peacefully on Thursday, December 25, 2008 in Princeton, BC at the age of 81. She died of cancer related issues with her family by her side. She was very brave right to the end.
Born in Kindersley, SK on July 1, 1927. Ruby moved to Vancouver with her sister in the mid 40’s where she met and fell in love with her future husband, Jim. After a yearlong courtship they were married on March 27, 1948. They had two children whom they raised at their home in Port Coquitlam and acreage in Coalmont, BC. They so loved the peaceful mountains that in 1972 they moved to Coalmont permanently. Continue reading Ruby English

Ken Thompson

Ken Thompson
Kenneth John Thompson passed away on January 11, 2009 at Cascade Hospice, Chilliwack at age 61 years. He was born in Vancouver, October 9, 1947. Ken is survived by his mother Jean, brothers; Bruce and Gordon, his daughter Cora-Lee, son Troy, his fiance Elizabeth, granddaughter Shayna and grandson Brendin. Ken was predeceased by his father Rudy.
A Memorial service will follow in the spring, 2009. Condolences for the Thompson family may be sent through
Arrangements entrusted to Woodlawn Mt.Cheam Funeral Home (604)793-4555

Just For The Record

It’s cold and icy outside and one’s mind is likely to turn to reminiscing about warmer times. It was way back in the summer, but it is worth putting down – just for the record. Another iteration of Tulameen Days, came and went.

The whole week leading up to the big weekend showed a day by day increase in campers, boats, 4WD’s, trailers and motor homes loaded to the gunnels with motor sport toys of all descriptions. This was clearly a major invasion and we saw the usual, and somewhat comical for such a small town, gridlock at Parrish and Main. Continue reading Just For The Record


All deliveries in the back – oh wait… you’re delivering the back.

Where would you like me to put this ma’am?

I’d invite you in but …


Howard and Moe
got their new house delivered a few months back and seem to have gotten settled in nicely on Front street. For those that missed the event, here is a picture. That was one HUGE crane and it prompted a few comments!


The site has been bombarded by spam for quite a while. Usually a few hundred per day, but occasionally over a thousand. The only way to combat this for now is to turn off comments. Hopefully a better solution can be found in the future.

Because of such a large amount of postings, it has not been possible to look at every single one. If there have been a couple of legitimate ones, then they will have been deleted too. This is truly a shame and I feel bad about that and apologize to anyone who may be effected. With the many thousands of postings, however, I can see no other way.

The software for the site will be upgraded shortly, and a stricter requirement for posters will be implemented. Hopeful this will all pass and we can move on.


For those that enjoy looking at old pictures and want to know more about Coalmont, here is an excellent new series of pages.

Bob and Diane Sterne have been working hard to collect and compile historical information and pictures of our town. From the WELCOME page you can access the very excellent short history and the new picture pages named The Beginning, Boom Times, Upper Town, and Community.

I really like the pictures of the school. The one with Walt Smart as a schoolboy is noteworthy. He had a basket on the front of his bike – very cool. Can you even buy one of those any more? One thing you definately won’t find outside of a museum is the likes of Dave Brown’s pedal car shown here parked out behind the bank.


A walk down by the old works yard will show something which, to many, is quite frightening. A new subdivision. It looks like Coalmont’s population is about to double. There are fresh white surveyers stakes in a row, even on the side that is zoned industrial, and signs with lot numbers. A pleasant looking little two story house with basement is already framed and construction is moving along. There is a sign advertising “Cottages of Coalmont” Continue reading NEW PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT IN COALMONT ~ What’s In It For Us ?


The original Coalmont Courier was published as an eight page broadsheet in 1912 but only ran for about six months. Its getting to be almost 100 years since then and Coalmont has gone through many changes. Times have been good and times have been bad. Coalmont was on the brink of extinction for so many years that it must be a world record. Several generations of people have been born. Many have died and more have moved away. In short, a lot has happened and I think it is time for the next edition.

Traditionally, the rumour mill has been our local media and it works very well. You can walk across town and, before you open your mouth, someone will tell you what you were going to say! No TV, no radio, no nothing … just plain old fashioned small town telepathy. The trouble with rumours is that, true or not, you can never really pin them down. The New Coalmont Courier is an attempt at disambiguation by putting us all on the same page.

When facts are needed, I’ll do my best to get them straight. That’s the easy part though. The hard part is the point of view. I realize that the views and opinions expressed by me are mine alone, but I will try to represent the general feelings of the community if I can. Still, I am only one voice and I hope that others will come forth with contributions. Those that don’t want to write can talk to me and I will pass on their ideas. I really do want this to be a community forum. Outsiders, or friends and relatives beyond the reach of our local telepathic network, can also leave comments and access the Courier on the World Wide Web.

I doubt that we’ll ever do an eight page broadsheet but my feeling is that this little paper has the potential to be much more exciting than just another newsletter. At a time when outside pressures are mounting, it can be a way for us to define and solidify our community. ~ Ole Juul

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