Coalmont Hotel

Hotel entranceThe Coalmont Hotel was built in 1912. There are no longer rooms available but the bar continues to be open after all these years. Opening times are now noon to 10 p.m. on weekdays, and noon to much later on weekends. (updated Oct. 29)

Your hosts are Chris and Sylvia. Come and enjoy the experience of having a beer in a 100 year old bar. This really is the old west, and there’s nothing like it!

Coalmont Hotel 250-295-6066


Hotel west side

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3 thoughts on “Coalmont Hotel”

  1. Hi. My wife and kids are interested in this Hotel. Just wondering who we would contact about running/buying it if it’s for sale. I think we could make a go of it. Just curious. Please contact me at the email below. Cheers

    1. Please do not get involved in this venture. My partner and I were scammed here along with many, many other. If you would like info please contact at the email below.

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