Happy New Year!

The Magic Tree, Christmas 2010 The magic tree offers its merry greeting when you enter town. This season it has a silent partner which is lit up at night making Coalmont Christmas even more special.

New year is upon us. It’s been dark and cold lately, and it looks like it will remain cold for a while now. This is our second cold spell this winter and hopefully it won’t last too long. The year has been colder than usual with not much of a summer. There weren’t many good tomatoes, but the worst hit crop was the fruit trees which froze their blossoms in the “spring”. However, compared to the rest of the world we’ve been pretty lucky.

Looking back on 2010 we’ve had a bit of a bear problem, the usual rotten phone lines, threat of an RV park, arguments about where Frazer street should go, and so on. Still, it’s been a good year with no major disasters, although the passing of Walt Smart was indeed felt by all.

The coming year is something special for us. The town plan was registered in June of 1911 so 2011 will be Coalmont’s centennial. Let’s make it a good one!

Christmas tree lights in the park