New RV Park Here?

Development Permit 17343It looks like we are getting a new full hookup RV park just across the river. At this point it is hard to say what exactly is going on, but all the truckloads of fill which we have seen going by in recent days were apparently destined for 1500 Blakeburn Road.

Previously there was a development permit for over 60 parcels, but that has since been withdrawn and it would appear that plans have changed. According to the RDOS office, we can expect a guide camp lodge to go up but what else we will see is still a mystery.

As usual we have local rumours. One person said that they were putting in a 70 unit RV park, but no one seems to really have any facts. One thing is certain, it is no small development. There is a foundation poured for what could be a nicely sited little lodge. The eyebrow raiser is that there is more to it than that.

What might be a little worrisome is the rows of RV pads with water and sewer hookup. How many of those can we expect? One would also note that an RV park requires rezoning, and according to the RDOS office there has not been any application for that.

View of presumed RV camp siteRegardless of zoning or development permits, many locals probably think of an RV park as a dubious development for Coalmont. Even just a few dozen more weekenders pursuing off-road motor sports could be uncomfortable for us since the general feeling seems to be that we have already reached our limit.

However, at this point in time we still don’t know what is really coming on Blakeburn Road. It is entirely possible that it will have little impact, or even a very positive one. We’ll just have to wait and see. §