New Kid On The Block

Rochester the Nubian goatSome people have already noticed the new kid on the block. His name is Rochester and he’s a dancer. He also eats the flowers. No, Rochester is not a flower child, he’s a Nubian goat and he is Rolly Giroux’s new pet and companion.

People are dropping by to see Rochester and the feeling around town is that this is indeed a charming animal. Everybody loves him. The question is, whatever possessed Rolly to get a goat?

Rolly lived up on the mountain for 30 years, but that all changed after he got buried in an avalanche and wasn’t discovered until the next day. He suffered serious head injury and his already ailing heart seemed to be on it’s last. With the aid of “friends in high places” he has been given another short lease on life.

Now living in town where people can keep an eye on him and he has access to a phone he still struggles every day. “I have to keep moving … keep busy so I don’t clog up.” That’s why he got the goat. “I go for walks with him and he follows me around. He’s good company. He sticks around the house pretty good, and as soon as I disappear he’ll go and find me.”

Rolly GirouxLife can be depressing when your health is not good and you don’t have long to live but, Rolly says: “this goat has sparked my life up. Hopefully I’ll stay alive longer with the goat. It keeps me active. He forces me to get exercise. More than a dog, and he’s actually better in some ways because his poop doesn’t stink, doesn’t attract flies, and is good for your garden.”

Rolly has always loved critters and he takes his new responsibility seriously. When he lived in the woods Rolly would study the animals. “I’d pick an animal and follow it for a day, now I can’t do that, but Rochester provides the same experience. He points out things to me. And you should see him move around. He’s like a little dancer.”

The benefits of an animal companion to people with heart problems is well documented in the medical literature, but anyone who has seen Chester dance about and follow Rolly around will know that being in the presence of such a lively creature can only do your heart good. §