It’s been a while since we’ve had some stories here. Of course this is Coalmont . . . but still.

Dominion day, or Canada Day as they call it now, has come and gone. The magic tree looked good, as usual. It was all decked out with Maple Leaf Flags to commemorate the occasion. Our little park is actually looking pretty good and is a nice place for tourists to stop.

A small indie company was filming a movie at the English ranch last week. “A Land that Forgets” is a “simple love story of a boy and a canoe in a town that is fading away.” From their web site: “Glass Curtain Pictures is a grass roots independent production company from Vancouver, British Columbia. Striving to produce works that respect the intelligence of the audience and challenge ourselves as filmmakers, we work together to co-produce and self-finance our own works.” Check out their website.

The development of 64 cabins across the river at 1500 Blakeburn road, has come to a halt. I believer these were supposed to be 1 hectare lots with water provided. From what I hear they had difficulty finding potable water up there and needed to get it from down here. I wonder just how much water 64 units would suck up. Anyway, I guess it’s a moot point now because I see that the development permit has been withdrawn.

There were some other Coalmont real estate sightings this year. Nic’s Cabins were seen for sale on Craig’s List for a very large sum of money. There’s other real estate for sale around here for large sums of money. That may be why they are for sale. A Langley RE/MAX office by the name of Treeland Realty is listing the Hotel for $675,000. Since the company mysteriously keeps a very low profile on the net, I’ll give a link to Vanislebounty’s local food Blog which does a much better job and is where I found the information. With all the talk about real estate around here, it’s interesting to note that our population is almost exactly the same as it was in 1940 when the mine closed. Zero growth in 70 years. That’s pretty impressive, and to many people one of the best things about this place. §