Off-road Vehicle Registration June 1

Registration of your quad will become mandatory on June 1, 2015. That’s just over 6 weeks from now. The combined cost of the number plate and registration fee is $48.

The new regulations will allow off-road vehicle operators greater access to highways, including the ability to:

    Cross a highway without having to obtain an operation permit if the crossing is controlled by a stop sign or traffic light.
    Cross a highway where local police authorize through an operation permit.
    Load or unload in a parking lot without an operation permit.
    Obtain an operation permit with an extended term of up to two years.

There are a number of requirements, and you can read more about those on the ICBC web site. However, the one which may come as a surprise and inconvenience is the requirement of a valid driver’s licence to operate an ORV on a forest service road as well as public roads and highways.   §

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