Elevated Water Flow In Tulameen River

Environment Canada ended the rainfall warning for the region early Friday morning. Now we are seeing the effect on the Tulameen river and some people noticed increased cloudiness. This is not caused by any mining or human activity but is a natural result of the high increase in water flow after such a heavy rainfall.

According to the Environment Canada Water Office, the volume of water flowing through the Tulameen River near Princeton has doubled since yesterday and the level recorded at 11 p.m. Friday evening was 0.545 metres. At the station up above us where Vuich Creek enters, the discharge increased by 450% during the day. This will surely cause sediment to be carried into the water and bring elevated turbidity here.

Rivers have a complex balance of essential processes and natural flow patterns. High flows are part of a healthy river ecosystem and are needed to flush sediment. This is probably a good thing right now. §

2 thoughts on “Elevated Water Flow In Tulameen River”

  1. Probably more like a bemused smirk. Someone said you can see the much cleaner water from the Tulameen where it flows into the Similkameen which is muddy right now.

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