Easter Tree in ParkThe Coalmont Easter Bunny has worked it’s magic and the little trees in the park at the entrance to town are starting to bud.

Decorating trees at this time of year is an old practice in the west and traces it’s roots back to Germany. This festive tradition is both Christian and secular but nobody can deny that there is
magic in the air at this special time of year.

As late as 1752 spring was considered the start of the new year. We may not think of it that way any more, but this is obviously a time for new life and hope. Trees are budding and bulbs are coming up everywhere.

Easter Postcard dated 1910 by WinschRabbits, hares, and eggs have been used as symbols of fertility since extreme antiquity but Easter bunnies first appeared in Germany in the 17th century. A hundred years later they arrived in Pennsylvania. How they got to Coalmont is still unknown.

When rabbits started to lay eggs at this time of year is anybody’s guess. Even more of a mystery is how they came to lay them in trees. My theory is that Coalmont is just a special place. #