Truck Traffic Concerns

Truck traffic through town is an ongoing concern. Both coal and logging trucks kick up a lot of dust, and make noise around the clock. They also pose a safety hazard when they speed, especially going through the stop sign.

The issue of dust does not have an easy solution as it is part of the normal operation of big trucks. Perhaps another route is better, and perhaps Argo could clean up the winter sanding better. To deal with noise and speed, we may get signs at the entrances to town asking truckers to consider our community. Not all issues can be solved overnight but it does look like our concerns are meeting with some response, and things are looking up.

The use of engine brakes in town is not a problem with the coal trucks because they don’t need to use them – so they don’t. It does appear to be a problem with logging trucks which, so far, have been taking a less professional approach. This could change.

Both Weyerhauser and Tolko have been contacted and the response was very positive.

Vern Latremouille, Area Supervisor for Tolko, has asked us to let him know if anyone gets the name on the door of any trucks that are causing problems in the town, and he will reprimand them. Vern’s phone number is 250-378-1256.

Also contacted was Rob Marshall of Weyerhauser who was equally responsive and wanted Coalmontians to know that he understands our concerns and is acting on them. He assures us that he will put up a notice for his drivers to use caution and obey the stop signs in town.

An interesting response from both Weyerhauser and Tolko was that they support the bypass road for the trucks. Since these are large companies, and major truckers in this area, this could turn out to be important for us.

Further to our discussions at the town meetings, our Area H representative, Brad Hope, tells us that within the next two weeks Gerry Wells from the Ministry of Transportation will come to Coalmont and look at all our signing needs and concerns. Apparently the MoT has an inventory of signs that can be used and they will look for solutions to any problem areas. It turns out that mirrors are not included in that inventory, so the idea of a convex mirror at the narrow end of the slide area on Coalmont Road looks like a no go.

Regardless of what can, or cannot be done by the MoT, we are still moving ahead. Letting our wishes be known is paying off.

It looks like the coal trucks will be on our side as well and the president of Compliance, Mr. Tapics, stated they are in favour of the bypass road and will send a letter of support to Brad Hope about it.