Power Went Off – Again

One could be tempted to say that the power went off “as usual”, but that would perhaps be a bit harsh. On the other hand we’ve had a lot of power outages lately. Today it was only off for 1 hour and 45 minutes, which coincidentally was the same length of time it was off the other day. The times that it goes off for only a few seconds and then comes back on with an electronics damaging surge should also be mentioned.

And we all remember a couple of months ago when it went off for most of the day and we all froze, went without water, and for the most part were unable to communicate with the rest of the world. That was actually an excusable situation because of extreme weather. What excuses Fortis can cook up for all the other situations is beyond me. I suppose this is just one of the side effects of them selling electricity to us at such a low price that they don’t have enough money to do basic maintenance. Perhaps we should take up a collection to help them out.   ~ Ole Juul

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