We Still Need Firewood

Nick Saban March 2015

After being down on the coast for the winter, Nick Saban came back late Monday evening. It was dark, and it’s still cold around here. Putting in a fire was on the top of his mind. There’s always dry firewood neatly piled in front of the cabins for when there are guests. To his surprise, and consternation, it was gone.

The pile by the main house was gone too. Someone had saved themselves some work and picked up almost two cords of wood where it was easy to get. How nice for them. We don’t see this kind of thing much locally and people tend to help one another, so one can imagine it was someone from further away. Nick has been here for over 40 years now, so he knows how to cope. Still, as he puts it himself: “I don’t have the stamina to load wood like I used to.” At 72 years old, that is no surprise. Although Nick is an unusually fit person, we all run out of steam eventually.

Life in Coalmont can indeed be a bit more work than city folk would be used to. Getting in fire wood is work enough, and so is splitting logs and feeding the stove – but in the winter there’s snow that needs shoveling if you want to get in, or out, of the door. In fact the snowplow will typically plug up people’s driveways to the point where older people will just have to stay home because it is hard or impossible to dig themselves out from that. Nick cites that as one of the reasons he has taken to going to the coast. However, with spring nearly upon us, he’s looking forward to riding his bike around and enjoying the outdoors life that this area has to offer. Before it starts to get cold again in the fall, he’ll also be bringing home some more firewood.   §

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