Flood Warning for Coalmont

There is a flood warning for Coalmont and anyone along the Tulameen river. People are asked to remain on standby and be ready to leave town on short notice. Apparently there is a significant ice jam about 7 km up the river and it was already looking dangerous before it got dark.

Fire Department volunteers have been walking about town and knocking on every door to make sure that people are aware of the situation. Residents are being told that if they hear a siren, to leave immediately and head toward Princeton. The siren will be from the fire truck.

The last time there was a flood in Coalmont was in 1995 about this same time of year. That one caused considerable damage and it reached from the river up as far as the Hotel. Hopefully the dyke which was built then, will be protection enough if the current ice jam breaches.

The Tulameen & District Volunteer FD Fire Chief is Jody Woodford, and the hall number is (250) 295-6688. Emergencies should be reported to 911.   §

3 thoughts on “Flood Warning for Coalmont”

  1. We just got a call from Jody Woodford at the Tulameen Fire Department, and she said that the river has cut a breech through the Ice Dam in the middle and it is relieving the pressure…. A lot of water built up behind the dam overnight, but the water level is dropping now…. The River is running high downstream of the dam, with lots of debris, but it appears the crisis has passed….

  2. Thank you very much for reporting this so quickly.Spent an uneasy night knowing there was nothing I could do,so it was a relief to hear the river went down this morning.Keep up the good work,and thanks again.

  3. A HUGE thank you to Jody Woodford and the Tulameen Fire Department for notifying Coalmont and Tulameen residents about the flood risk. Their actions made it possible for locals to move valuables to higher ground and to get their cars loaded should an evacuation be necessary. Luckily, things worked out and there wasn’t a flood, however, it is very comforting knowing they were on top of things and had a means to notify everyone (blaring the fire engine sirens) should there be a flood.

    Jody and the rest of the Tulameen Volunteer Fire Fighters are VERY MUCH APPRECIATED! Thank You!

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