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Being almost 20 minutes from the Princeton Hospital has always been an issue for emergencies, but regular health care has also been sparse in recent years. There has been much discussion about the operating room being closed down. Emergency services were even spotty for a while. Many people don’t have a family doctor any more. However, it looks like this downward trend is going to slowly turn around.

Several organizations are mostly responsible for this. One is the Support Our Health Care (SOHC) society which has been active for several years. First to get 24/7 emergency services, and now continuing to work on a general plan to get better and adequate health care on all levels.

Also, as a reaction to the low level of available care and lack of doctors, the Princeton Health Care Steering Committee (PHCSC) was established. This provides a mechanism for the major stakeholders to work together effectively. There is now a new web site where you can read what they are doing. Please visit www.princetonhealth.ca for details. One thing which you will notice is that the site is focused on recruiting doctors and other medical professionals to our area – specifically to Princeton General Hospital and the Cascade Medical Clinic. This is a first, since until now this function has not been fulfilled well.

After more than a hundred years in operation, the Hospital Auxiliary has also just hit the WWW. Their new web site is at www.princetonhospaux.org. Many of us enjoy shopping at their thrift shop, but it may not be so well known that they raise considerable sums of money for the hospital and other health related services. They even have an annual $2000.00 bursary for a local graduating student to further their education in the health care field.   §

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  1. These are both EXCELLENT websites. Congratulations!! They are very professional and easy to navigate. Hopefully the Health Care website will attract the attention of new doctors to our area.

    Thank you for all the work that must have gone into creating these two websites!

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