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There was a meeting this afternoon at the Riverside Centre about Granite Creek. Twelve people attended, including Area ‘H’ director Brad Hope and long time Coalmont area resident Edith Rice, and it was decided to form the Granite Creek Preservation Society. George Elliot is the Chairman, Diane Sterne is Vice-Chair, John Bartlett is the Secretary, Tamara Malanchuk is Treasurer. Directors are: Todd Lester, Terry Malanchuk, and Ole Juul who will be in charge of Communications. Jon Bartlett will complete the paperwork necessary to form the society as he is very familiar and experienced with this sort of thing.

Granite Creek is an important historical place in British Columbia. It was the site of a substantial, though short, gold rush. Although the original population dwindled quickly, it was still a town of note for a number of years following – not the least because of its location in the heart of the Tulameen mining district.

This mining history in itself is noteworthy, but Granite was also the starting point for many immigrants to the area. There are still a number of families in the vicinity who can trace their first arrival to Granite.

The collection and preservation of information regarding such a place warrants serious attention. As for original building structures, little remains, but it is still possible that something can be preserved. The site itself has potential as a park. Memorial, educational, and interpretive structures could be of value. §

Edit: Since this is an important beginning, it is appropriate to list all the people who were present and who are the founding members. They are: Jon Bartlett, W. George Elliott, Brad Hope, Ole Juul, Todd Lester, Heather Lutz, Tamara Malanchuk, Terry Malanchuk, Edith Rice, Rika Rubesat, Bob Sterne, Diane Sterne. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in Granite but the Society registration needs to be in place before anything becomes official and a membership list can be compiled. For the time being, questions can be sent to granite (at) area-h (dot) org.

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  1. I am looking forward to increase our membership and working with everyone in an effort to conserve what little remains of Granite Creek.

  2. Dear Todd: Will the Granite Creek Preservation Society keep stakeholders ( mineral rights holders and private land owners ) informed of its actions, thus, to date this has not been done by the Sterne’s. As a long term mining claim owner on Granite creek I have many concerns about a park or protected area being placed on Granite Creek. Please keep us informed.

    Francis LaRoche

  3. The society is still in it’s very early formative stages. One of the items that is a topic of discussion is the creation of publicly accessible information. Just what this will be is not known yet but as things solidify, information will come forward.


  4. Francis: You have nothing to fear. The GCPS will have an information website soon where details on our plans, progress made plus all meeting minutes will be posted. You are also welcome to join as a member once all Society paperwork is complete and the GCPS becomes a registered entity. Thank you for your interest and I look forward to your involvement in our efforts to protect Granite. – George

  5. A question for Bob Sterne.
    The name “Granite Creek Preservation Society” intones that the purpose of the society is to protect Granite Creek, as you well know Granite Creek extends for over 30 KM.into the mountains SW of Coalmont,could you please state for the record what are the geogpraphical limits that you and the GCPS intends to protect with a park or protected area. Is it just the portion of old Granite City that sits beside Rice’s property or perhaps farther up Granite Creek. The reason I ask this is because I spoke with a local RDOS politician, he mentioned to me on the phone, that now that Granite city was to be listed on the heritage register, he would now also like to have Blakeburn put on the heritage register also.As a placer and mineral Tenure holder on Granite Creek this is a concern for me, I would like to know what are the limits of the protection you and the GCPS intend to extend on Granite Creek.
    I think its a fair question.

    Francis LaRoche

  6. Granite Creek is the official name of the historic townsite. Future plans will be up to the membership. Anybody can join. The interest is not only in the site, but in preserving the history of this settlement. Many people, including yourself, will likely have much information to contribute.

    You may be interested in the RDOS page about heritage sites and the registry. It explains very well what it is, and what it is not. You can find that here:

    The actual Statement of Significance delineates the area clearly. You can find that here:

  7. Dear Mr. Juul:

    Could the GCPS or one its members post a map on this website showing the area around Granite City it believes has heritage significance( Re:Statement of significance Granite city RDOS website)I have read the description but it is hard to visualize, at least for me.As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

    Francis LaRoche

  8. I don’t have an official map yet, but the RDOS Interactive Parcel Information Maps show it quite well. You can find that here:
    To make it easy, I have uploaded a piece of the relevant area for you here:
    You can see the relevant part is marked with the PR zoning designation, which stands for “Parks And Recreation”. However, as far as I know the area of interest is just on the town site side of the river.

  9. The map image and GCPS total area of interest should be highlighted for clarity.Just what is the total area that you people want to make into a park? Please just get a highlighter and outline it.Also this map image with the PR designation on the south side of Granite creek, what is this, I have not seen this anywhere before on maps, is this area on the south side of Granite creek also to be part of the proposed park.Just to make myself perfectly clear, I do not intend to give up my placer or mineral rights near or on Granite Creek and will take the necessary legal action to defend myself against individuals, organizations or local governments who try to claim jump and take them away from me.

    Francis LaRoche

  10. Sorry, this is a copy of the RDOS map. You can get clarity, look at the different layers, and see a legend, at the parcel maps that I linked to above. This one is just a colour enhanced little piece of that and it’s a png so I can’t really use a highlighter, though I do appreciate the humour. :) AFAIK, the description on the Statement of Significance is the area concerned, but at this point I can’t offer you anything else since it doesn’t exist yet.

    You can read about zoning and other Area ‘H’ bylaws such as the OCP (where Granite is mentioned) by reading those documents on this page: If you have concerns, and it sounds like you do, I strongly recommend that you read those documents.

    You can also find a copy of the mining act and other pertinent laws online at BC laws: Here is a direct link to the mining act and it’s worth a read since it deals specifically with your concerns:

    I’m just trying to be helpful to you. I’m sorry I can’t be more specific in regards to the GCPS and future plans. Hopefully the links above will answer some of your questions about the law. Also, perhaps the Gold Commissioner can offer you some clarity. You can contact that office at 604-660-2672.

    Edit: I linked to the Mines Act, but should have linked to the the Mineral Tenure Act as it is actually the more directly relevant one in this case. You can find that here: Hope this helps.

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