Haloween Winner

Lonnie At Halloween

The night was completely dark and quiet except for the sounds of deer moving about in the shadows. Suddenly, there it was. Outside of the odd post-party morning, most of us here don’t usually see things like this. This was real. Other creatures walking about in the night knew it, and kept their distance. Scary! . . . Until a soft voice spoke out: “I’m wearing the blue lights so I don’t get run over”. Hello? I’m sure I saw several cars drive into the ditch. You’re not going to get run over! Who are you?

It was Lonnie Boyd on her way to a party. In the end she won the best costume award. The Coalmont will be providing her with a free one night staycation in the honeymoon suite. This prize includes a $50 gift certificate for use in the pub on Saturday evening and breakfast served ensuite on Sunday morning. Congratulations Lonnie!   §

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