The Crusher - front viewWe’ve talked about the cars of Coalmont before. This one is currently parked outside Randy Folk’s house with a for sale sign. Look out quads!

Many people here are in favour of keeping the KVR “multi use”, but not everybody is in favour of quads on the trail. Meet the KVR CRUSHER. Randy says it’s called that because it “goes down the KVR and crushes all quads.”

Although it’s not street legal, hopefully you won’t see this high-rider on the trail, but you never know. They used to run trains there, and this is really only a “Caddy on a 4×4 frame”. If you’re driving a quad it could certainly be a highly competitive encounter, and will no doubt inspire some insight into the imbalance of power that some trail users feel when they approach something bigger and badder than what they’re currently driving.

If you’re a super competitive KVR trail user, or if you just want to buy this to prevent others from being so, here’s you chance. Call Randy at Krankin’ Vintage Restoration, 250-295-6924.

KVR Crusher - side view