Municipal Election and Area ‘H’

As most people know by now, Saturday November 15 is election day and we’ll be voting for a new Area ‘H’ representative. The incumbent, Brad Hope will not run again.

There are three candidates. Charles Weber, who has run before and is known to many here; Jamie Frandsen, who is a newcomer at Allison Lake; and Bob Coyne, who has lived in this area all his life.

The Coalmont Courier will have more information on these three people as we near voting day. However, before that we may well see them all in Coalmont so you can hear for yourself what they each have to say. Chris Berringer, the proprietor of The Coalmont, has said he would like to sponsor an All Candidates Meeting. We will announce the time and date here as soon as we know more.  §

2 thoughts on “Municipal Election and Area ‘H’”

  1. Any place I can find more candidate info? We are at the Coast but would still vote if we could receive candidate info.

    1. Thanks for stopping in! It appears that only Bob Coyne (see link in article) has put anything forward to the public so far. However, I’m expecting Charles Weber to send me something by the end of tomorrow and I will put up an article for Monday. I have put a very large effort into finding Jamie Frandsen but he appears to be avoiding the internet. Perhaps after the public meeting here in Coalmont on Tuesday, and the one in Princeton on Wednesday, I’ll have some more information. If that is the case I will make sure it is published here. ~ Editor

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