Coalmont Road Delays Continue

We can expect the delays from road work on the Coalmont Road to continue until the end of August. It’s a big job and they will be working 7 days a week. Most times they hold up traffic for about 20 minutes before they let people through in both directions.

The work performed is rock slope stabilization at Peterson Bluff. There are always rocks coming down on the road there, sometimes very large ones, and Argo has their work cut out to keep that stretch passable. The most noticeable visual change will be the addition of wire mesh. Here is how the Ministry of Transportation describes it:

Rock scaling 4425 m2 of slope to remove loose rock and debris. Supply and Install 192 m of rock bolts, 85 m3 of shotcrete, 16 m of horizontal drains and 4425 m2 of slope mesh.

Peterson Bluff proposed work

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