Too Many Few

Quad tracks marring beautiful field This last weekend was the busy one. Tulameen Days always has an effect on us and it seems like since they’ve cleaned up their situation, we get the rif-raff here. Some say it’s still bad up there and the problem is just spreading out in the whole valley. Anyway, that’s over now, and we’ve
just seen the usual mass exodus in the form of a parade of campers and trailers piled high with off-road motorsport toys. Most things are getting back to usual.

The Q4 coaltrucks are running again. The mine has to stop hauling on long weekends because the danger of someone just having fun not paying attention to industrial traffic is too great. A fully loaded B-train cannot stop easily and it can be dangerous to do so on a single lane slippery mountain road. There were no reported accidents in Coalmont, but there were several vehicular incidents near
by. A quad and a dirtbike collided resulting in one person requiring medical attention. Another accident on the KVR brought both the ambulance and RCMP to the scene. (picture below) One car with several passengers ended up in Otter lake, but apparently everyone got out before it sank. Another car incident resulted in a death.

Closer to home, Edith Rice informs us that there were several quads and a side-by-side racing around her yard at four a.m. on Saturday morning. Lucky for the perps, the dogs were tied up. Bruce and Terry report that there was a lot of bottles, propane cans, burnt plastic and much more, left in spots along the river. The White Sands Beach was also full of garbage and vandalized. No doubt there were many other places which we just haven’t heard about yet. There are deep tracks left in vegetation in some places that were beautiful before but will remain marred for the rest of the year. (picture above) We all had to listen to the rude bark of dirt bikes racing through town and the surrounding area, fueled by a heady mix of two stroke gas and immaturity.

For Coalmontians celebrating this weekend, things went quite well. It’s party time for many but nothing got out of hand. Bill Allinott says “I’m proud of our people”, but thinks the influx of yahoos has gone too far. According to Sam, things went pretty well at the campsite. She said that people were generally well behaved, except for the usual “jerks”. Like in other years, the RCMP and Forestry were called to deal with the situation but refused to do anything when they got there. One drunken party continued making noise until 8 in the morning so other campers did not have much peace. During the night, these weekend clowns also had a fire. With the dry summer and fire ban in place, that put us all at risk. As was expected, the outhouse, like at Whitesands, was vandalized too. Isn’t that hilarious? Perhaps not.

This is getting to be a controversial weekend for us here. The argument that it is just a few that spoil it for the rest is not valid because there are more than a few. The thing is that it is getting to the point where something needs to be done. But what?

Ambulance and police on KVR

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