Closed Again

Tuesday afternoon the recent Coalmont Hotel managers, Debbie and Dave, locked up the premises and drove away. Their dreams of buying the Hotel and moving to Coalmont were not to be.

Saying goodbye was not easy. After putting in a huge amount of work the place was probably cleaner than it has been in decades. Unfortunately, they had been unable to reach a satisfactory agreement with the owner. Apparently it was not the price, but rather legal issues with water and health regulations which stalled the transaction.

Looking back over the last number of years one can see that every new manager who has come here to try their hand with this establishment has failed. Sometimes, like in this case, it ends in heatbreak. Other times the relationship just seems to mysteriously end. It is indeed odd that with so many kicks at the can, that it has never worked out. In fact one is tempted to add this to the long list of Coalmont mysteries.

What will happen next is anybody’s guess. If and when we receive valid information about new management or business plans it will be reported here. But whatever happens with the Hotel, we certainly wish Debbie and Dave the best. §

3 thoughts on “Closed Again”

  1. Best of luck Debbie and Dave. Thanks for giving the old girl another try. It is too bad it didn’t work out. We wish you success in your future endeavours.

  2. A big Thank You to Debbie and Dave for giving the Coalmont Hotel a final gasp of life. So sorry that your dreams for the hotel did not take full flight. I am happy that me and my family visited the building on July 6, 2013. It was great to meet Debbie and Dave, plus it meant a lot for me to see the hotel again, after so many years living away from Coalmont.

    Best of luck to you for future endeavours.

    Chantele Delaine McGuire
    (daughter of former Coalmont Hotel owners)

  3. Thanks Diane and Chantele and to Ole for the kind words. We definitely gave it our all and are hugely disappointed by the outcome. If was a surprise to us indeed. Everything was proceeding as planned up until Tuesday when our lender backed off due to lack of repairs to the water system and legal issues with Interior Health that only the current and long-standing owner could have addressed. I know I personally enjoyed my time in Coalmont and met a lot of wonderful people. We will see you all again as Dave and I do plan on returning for recreation purposes. Who knows, maybe one day we will open a licensed restaurant, store and b&b in Coalmont, on a different piece of land!


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