Coal Trains Continue

Arthon truck with smiling driverIt almost looks like the coal trains have stopped running. They haven’t, but the road from the mine to the Coquihalla has finally reached useable status and much of the hauling will be going that way. Because of that, we won’t be seeing the smiling faces of the Arthon drivers, such as the one pictured here. Unfortunately, the Q4 trucks will continue to come through town for a while longer.

Apart from the road dust, few people had concerns about the trucks anyway. The drivers were generally professional and courteous, although the level of experience obviously will vary with the individual driver and trucking company. One of these Q4 trucks had difficulty getting down the Blakeburn and had to make several passes at getting over the bridge, but as you see here, he made it in the end.
Two Q4 trucks rounding Main and Parrish in cloud of dust

Other drivers are more experienced, keep the radio talk to the essentials, and go up and down without fuss. In any case the Blakeburn road will be easier to navigate for other people now that some of the big rigs are gone. Watch out though, it is still an active haul road and besides the odd flat deck or empty coal train, there will still be logging trucks. Carry a radio and listen for oncoming vehicles so you can have plenty of time to find a place to pull over before you are invited to dance with 40 tons of industrial haulage. §

You can monitor the Blakeburn Road traffic on 169.65 MHz which is also used for the Tulameen road. In between, on the Loadstone, trucks are using 157.62 MHz. (map)