Sam Hodson Wants To Sell Our Beach

You read that right. White Sands is listed on the LandQuest Realty web site and the agent is someone by the name of Sam Hodson. He does mention that it is actually a mining claim, but somehow can’t help straying into talking about recreational property.

Beautiful riverfront beach with good access, a great investment for a group of friends. Sweet ATVing, Sledding, Camping, hunting and fishing.

It’s a nice place alright. That’s why the Coalmont Community takes pride in maintaining it. They like to make sure it keeps looking nice and can be enjoyed by all.

This is a must see, literally the most beautiful spot on the Tulameen river. The claim has its own private entrance giving you amazing privacy to camp or bring your trailer in for a party with a group of friends or alone for a peaceful weekend back to nature.

After plunking down $49,000 a buyer might get a surprise if it happens to be a weekend where there’s a local family reunion planned. He’ll soon find out that this is a long time favourite place to camp for many people, though perhaps LandQuest considers “privacy” to be in the mind of the beholder and that a public beach would qualify.

This could be a fantastic investment for a group of friends who enjoy the outdoors and comrodery [sic] that accompanies working a productive piece of land.

Oh yes, work. There’s that. One only hopes that the buyer understands that they will have to file a Physical work report. Perhaps it would be a good idea to brush up their geology as well, since they will also be required to file a Technical work report. One could imagine though, that there would be considerable noise from the Coalmont Community and this “venture” would never get far before the Gold Commissioner got involved again. We’ve seen this before, but who knows how this chapter will turn out.

If you have any questions, you can call Sam. His number is on the web site. Ask about listing number 14065. While you’ve got him on the line, you might ask if he’s got a bridge to sell.  §

5 thoughts on “Sam Hodson Wants To Sell Our Beach”

    1. My apologies for not catching this in a timely manner.

      I am the one who wrote this article. I like to give as much credit to Coalmontians and contributors as I can, so if an article is not by me it will clearly say so.

      If you were thinking that this article was a dig at mining claims in this area, it was not. It is about the real estate business. In this case it seemed like we had an unscrupulous real estate agent who wanted to sell a mining claim as if it was recreational property. The fact that White Sands is the local public beach and historically a place for family get-togethers, wedding parties, and summer gatherings makes this case particularly galling for us here. Despite this being a direct attack by some foreign businessman on the Coalmont people and the legal seriousness of the situation, I decided to not inflame and rather write a lighter, somewhat sarcastic, piece.

      Ole Juul

  1. I am curious if you first tried to give Mr. Hodson a call and explain to him what the Mineral Tenure Act allows claim owners and their agents to say and not to say when advertising a mining claim for sale. Perhaps he would have toned things down a little and clarified what he was actually selling.

    Francis LaRoche

    1. As editor here it is probably best to not get involved in sorting things out for other people, but I do hope the article inspired some readers to do what they think is right.

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