The Little Inn That Could

We’ve all watched the little boomtown building on the corner of Main and Parrish growing into the Mozey-on-Inn. Last September it was finally finished and a dream came true. Bob and Diane sent me this thank you note for everyone to read.

We would like to thank our WONDERFUL neighbours for all of their well wishes on our new Motel venture with the Mozey-On-Inn. Five years ago when we purchased our little ramshackle cabin we fell in love with Coalmont. We have never been able to enjoy such a giving and caring community as this. The outpouring of sincere well wishes we have received just reiterates what we knew all along – Coalmont is the BEST place to live. For any neighbours who haven’t had a chance to pop by and check out our renovation, please feel free to stop by anytime for a visit. You can also check us out online at Thank you again Coalmontians – you are the GREATEST neighbours anyone could ever hope for. We are proud to be a part of this community!

Diane and Bob Sterne