Just For The Record

It’s cold and icy outside and one’s mind is likely to turn to reminiscing about warmer times. It was way back in the summer, but it is worth putting down – just for the record. Another iteration of Tulameen Days, came and went.

The whole week leading up to the big weekend showed a day by day increase in campers, boats, 4WD’s, trailers and motor homes loaded to the gunnels with motor sport toys of all descriptions. This was clearly a major invasion and we saw the usual, and somewhat comical for such a small town, gridlock at Parrish and Main.

It was a great weekend of varooming. I wonder how much gas was burnt that weekend? Enough to circumnavigate the world 5 times in Bruce’s rusty truck? I have no idea. What I did see were hundreds of machines that probably burnt fifty bucks worth each and cost as much to get here. In other words, a lot of gas.

Of course, we expect all that. What was more noteworthy this year was the increase in rowdiness, particularly at the campsite. It seems that there was not enough capacity at what had become the usual places, so the overflow came here. The situation at the campsite was, in the words of the people trying to maintain it, “ugly”. The police couldn’t stick around and could only come out for short visits when called – and they were! In other words they are completely ineffective in dealing with the rowdiness and vandalism on that weekend. Perhaps another solution can be found.

On the bright side. Many Coalmont residents attended the festivities in Tulameen and enjoyed themselves thoroughly the whole weekend. Many of us will be looking forward to next year’s event – especially this time of year.