Meet Coalmont Energy

Wednesday July 3, 7 pm at the Coalmont Hotel

It’s been some time since we first heard about Coalmont Energy Corporation and their intention to operate the Blakeburn mine. In fact it was around the time of our 100 year celebration party, which they generously sponsored. Now there has been a real upswing in activity on the mountain, and the B-Trains are running again.

We all know about the new road being built for hauling to the Coquihalla instead of through town. We’ve also seen a few new residents join us. But what other impact does this mine have here?

To find out the answers, and to ask your own, there will be a public meeting at the Coalmont Hotel on Wednesday July 3, 7 pm. William Harrison, Mine Manager and Director of Marketing and Coal Quality will be present and refreshments will be served. Anyone with an interest in the coal mine, and particularly in its relationship to the town, is encouraged to come.

Thanks go to the Coalmont Hotel for the use of their facilities for this event. §