Unprecedented Number Of Quads

This weekend saw an enormous number of quads and other ATVs in Coalmont. The 2013 Poker Ride sponsored by ATV/BC descended upon us. Although there were quite a few groups of riders coming through town on their way to different trails, the main event had surprisingly little impact. The group camped in Ernie’s field next to the Granite Creek Forestry campsite and there were probably about 150 of them enjoying a community campfire in the evening.

Guided ride starting at 9:30 AM. Pack your own lunch and refreshments. Should be a medium ride with stops for views and picture taking. The plan which we are working with the local officials will be a scenic ride up the surrounding mountains and hopefully a historical ride through Coalmont and surrounding areas with a stop at the historic Coalmont hotel for a guided tour and snacks.

The ATV/BC web site gives more information. Kudos to the organizers and the participants for showing our community some respect. §