Goodfellow Creek

The Goodfellow name goes back a long time in this area. Our own Chris Goodfellow, who now lives here with his wife Penny, is the grandson of Reverend John C. Goodfellow. He writes us to say thanks to the people behind the recent placement of signs marking Goodfellow Creek on the Hope Princeton highway in Manning Park. This honor of his grandfather was particularly facilitated by Area `H` Director, Brad Hope and Ms. Anne Hazlewood, Area Manager, Department of Transportation and Infrastructure.

The creek was named after Reverend John C. Goodfellow D.D. (1890-1968) in the early 1950`s by then-park ranger Robert Boyd. John Goodfellow resided in Princeton for many years and served as United Church Minister at St. Paul`s United from 1927 until his retirement in 1958. He was very active in the community with a special interest in local history, working closely with the BC Historical Society. In 1958 `The Story of Similkameen` was published and, although now out of print, his work is still considered to be an accurate and well documented account of the valley`s timeline and events. The connection to Manning Park stems from a boys group that Rev. Goodfellow mentored through the church and each year he would lead them on a hike over the Dewdney Trail to Hope. He completed this nineteen times from 1927 to 1946. Goodfellow Creek was always a favourite stop for a drink of water by John Goodfellow in his later years, and it was surely reminiscent of his many hikes over the mountains there.

~ Chris Goodfellow (grandson)

Goodfellow Creek in Manning Park

3 thoughts on “Goodfellow Creek”

  1. We are so happy to see such an important man recognized in this way. Rev. Goodfellow was very instrumental in recording and saving the history of our area. Congratulations to the Goodfellow family!!!

    Diane and Bob

  2. An extremely well written and informative article. Congratulations and kudos to Eric and Chris, for having this sign appropriately erected. There is a lot of HISTORY there!

    Cal Pirsak
    Princeton, B.C.

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