Tulameen River Water Level

Every spring we watch the water in the Tulameen go up, and we wonder how far it will go this time. There was a flood in ’95 but they have built a dike since, so there is not much to worry about now. However, we certainly don’t want to have a dry year either. People rely on the ground water to supply their wells.

Environment Canada keeps an eye on both the water levels and water discharge on most major rivers. The Tulameen has been monitored for 40 years now, and the current setup automatically records both. There is a station below the Voich Creek entrance, and another at Princeton before it enters the Similkameen.

This year the level went up dramatically in a short time because of the sudden warm spell. The charts below clearly show the extreme increase in both water flow and river level that peaked on May 13. Luckily it went down quite quickly and we now are seeing close to the same levels that we had at the beginning of the month.

Tulameen water level (blue) and water discharge (red) below Voich Creek
Tulameen water levels at Voich Creek
Tulameen water level (blue) and discharge (red) at Princeton
Tulameen water levels at Princeton