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The Granite Creek townsite is an important historical place for out area. In that regard the Courier recently received this letter from Bob and Diane Sterne.

We feel it is time our local government steps in to protect historic sites in this area. As many know, our passion is the local history. For years we have been asking to have the Granite Creek town site (which is on Crown land) protected. We have asked it to be put on the RDOS Heritage Registry. Currently there are no Area H locations on that registry.

They go on to talk about the “thousands of pioneers” who came here looking for gold, adventure, and a good life.

Let’s not turn a blind eye to what they did for our valley. Don’t you think it is time our government did something to protect the legacy of these prospectors? Isn’t that the least we can do to honour their memory and thank them for opening up our valley? Perhaps RDOS will listen if more people petition them to protect the Granite Creek town site. We are only two voices, but surely there are others who agree the site should be recognized and protected. If you agree, please send an email or letter to RDOS asking them to add the Granite Creek town site to their Heritage Registry and to turn it into a park to protect it from vandalism and digging.

The address of the regional district office (RDOS) is 101 Martin Street, Penticton, B.C. V2A 5J9, and their email address is
Granite Creek circa 1909

4 thoughts on “Save Granite”

  1. Proposed park ( protected area?)

    I have noticed that you and your wife have numerous placer claims ( other than the Granite City site)in the Coalmont area, are you seeking also for some sort of protected area to cover your claims. Just curious.

    Frank LaRoche

  2. Hello Frank:

    Our only intention is to protect the Granite Creek town site and Cemetery. We would like to see them on the RDOS Heritage Registry. Our only placer claim that would be affected is our claim in the town site, which we are more than willing to give up to see the area protected.

    Diane and Bob Sterne

  3. Proposed park ( protected land?)
    The idea that somehow Granite Creek cemetary is in danger and somehow needs extra protection is kind of out their Bob, I mean.. “way out their”.This is just a red herring to try and spur RDOS to some sort of action.
    COMMON DECENCY : I think most fair minded people would agree that when you initiate a process to remove another persons long held rights, you might want to inform them you are doing this from the beginning, not let them find out months later in a newspaper article, that Bob is called common decency.

    Frank LaRoche

  4. Hello Frank:

    If you knew us, were aware of our depth of commitment to the heritage of the area, and our sense of civic pride, you would quickly realize there is no red herring here and we have no hidden agenda.

    When we requested that RDOS include the Granite Creek town site and the cemetery in their Heritage Registry, we informed them that there were placer and mineral claims in the area which would have to be addressed. If and when this process proceeds, whoever is the current owner of the claims will undoubtedly be involved in the process.

    Diane and Bob Sterne

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