Coalmont On Google Street View

You can now tour Coalmont as a virtual tourist – or perhaps you just want to look around the corner without having to go out in the snow. In any case the Google street view camera car has been here and anyone, anywhere in the world, can see what Coalmont looks like from the street.
Front Street at Parrish

If you’re not familiar with Google Street View, this is a wonderful way to explore the world. The photographic tour is recorded by a special camera car so it stays the same. You will not be able to see if your neighbor’s car is in the driveway this afternoon – this is not real time. It does have an eerie reality to it though. Simply type “Coalmont BC” into Google and click on “maps”. Or click here. Then drag the little yellow man to the part of the map you want to explore from the street. Since Google is primarily an advertising company, half the screen will be irrelevant, but you can click “hide panel” to remove that part and get a whole-screen view. If you wish to learn more about this system, there is a good article on Wikipedea. §