Fire Scare This Afternoon

The Tulameen Fire Department was here in full force and had their portable water tank set up in the intersection in front of the hotel. Also here were police and ambulance.

Emergency vehicles outside Coalmont Hotel

The situation started when Sylvia, who was alone in the Hotel at the time, heard the fire alarm. She soon discovered that it was the second pellet stove which was malfunctioning and was threatening the wooden structure. She then called 911 and our fire department arrived in very short time, although the chains they need to use on the trucks in the winter does make their highway speed slower than it would be in summertime.

As it turns out, the situation was dealt with quickly, and all was safe again. As well as the job getting done, this was a good demonstration of the emergency services that we have available here should something really serious happen.

There were a number of local people gathered in the street. It was particularly comforting to see that there were also extra volunteer fire fighters who showed up just in case. Neither the police nor the ambulance was needed. Nicole who owns the little house at the end of Main, was on the ambulance crew, so got to have a little visit in her favourite town while on-duty.

Both Chris and Sylvia are taking this in stride. Though Chris had to come back from Princeton where he also works as chef at the Brown Bridge Pub. Although not happy that this happened, he was nevertheless grateful that it was nothing worse. They’re both breathing a sigh of relief now – as we all are.

Firefighters outside Coalmont Hotel

3 thoughts on “Fire Scare This Afternoon”

  1. Great job Tulameen Fire Department and especially Fire Chief, Jodi!! Your quick actions saved the hotel and we are all very grateful to you. This also gave us all a chance to see the fancy equipment the Fire Department has. We are sorry this has happened to you, Chris and Sylvia. Kudos to Sylvia for being so quick to phone the fire department!

  2. We wish to extend our deepest gratitude to the Tulameen Volunteer Fire Department for their swift and professional performance last Friday.
    And to the people of Coalmont for your kind words and support during a stressful situation, we thank you and are more determined than ever to see the hotel returned to it’s former glory.

  3. Just another bump in the road Chris and Sylvia (mum), thankfully you are both okay!

    Thank you Tulameen Fire Department and Fire Chief, Jodi and everyone that supports Chris and Sylvia!!

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