Shoe Tree Disaster

Cub reporter, Diane Sterne, has just heard via a reliable source (Tony, our construction worker) that the Famous Tulameen Shoe Tree is no more. Tulamites are in mourning today at the loss of their beloved tree which came down in a freak wind storm on July 10, 2008.
It was reported that the road was littered with shoes, bras and panties which came down with the tree. Thankfully the Shoe Tree is located downstream of the also famous Duck Race which is scheduled for Tulameen Days; consequently, no ducks should get snagged on shoe laces or bra straps which could be lurking in the depths of the Tulameen River. Will this terrible disaster have an environmental impact on the area? Only time will tell. We will have to keep our ears to the ground to hear if there will be an environmental survey of the disaster area. In the meantime, Coalmontonians pass on our deepest sympathies to our neighbouring Tulamites on the tragic loss of their beloved tree. For decades, tourists from all corners of the world have been drawn to the famous riverside stop to have the opportunity to fling their shoes high into the air to be snagged on the tree. Another precious piece of history has gone with the wind. Hopefully a replacement tree can be located elsewhere on the river so that the tradition can continue.