Landline Gone AWOL – Again

The Telus landline phones are out again. It’s hard to tell how many people are effected, but it looks like it could be everybody. The Hotel, the Motel, and the people around that part are off for sure. Apparently there is a service outage in Tulameen as well. In a place like Coalmont where there is also no cell service, this is a serious situation.

The Telus site has a note from yesterday which only says that there is a problem.

Outage Identified
Outage Type: TBD
Outage Type Information: Estimated time of resolution is TBD.
Resolution In progress

The contact number they list on their Home Outages web page leads to a voice message saying that “the number you have called is not in service – or invalid”. Oh well, it’s good to know that they’re on top of the error messages anyway. Fortunately Telus does have an excellent on-line chat facility. In fact it took only a minute before an agent came on-line. Here is what the agent said.

There is a known issue in the area that you mentioned. Technicians are aware of the problem and working toward a solution but we have not been provided with an estimated time for repair.

There was no tangible information available about what had happened, what they are doing, and if they are prepared to work in the evening so that we can get back our connection to the world and be able to call 911 if that should be required. After all, phones are most important when it comes to an emergency situation and that is one of the main reasons that people pay for the service.

Technicians are aware of the problem and working toward a solution but we have not been provided with an estimated time for repair. Whether they will be actively working on it all night will depend upon the cause and solution, neither of which I am aware of.

Service has been out since about noon yesterday. This is a fairly frequent occurrence in these parts, but that’s still a long time to go without any connection – especially for older people. Anyway, we’ll find out in the morning if Telus has been working on restoring service. Let’s hope that this is as important to them as it is to us.    §

UPDATE: The phones came back up the next day. This is what the Telus site reports:

Outage Type: Force of nature Outage Type Information Status Update: If you are still experiencing a service interruption, please contact us. Estimated time of resolution is TBD

2 thoughts on “Landline Gone AWOL – Again”

  1. I wonder if the exposed cable on the outskirts of Coalmont coming into town belong to Telus? If so, it’s lying on the ground for a few hundred feet, leaving it open to “nature” as well as vandalism. My goodness, why do they not bury it securely?

  2. At about 2 pm on Monday, January 13 the phone lines went down again. Two hours later and they are still out. This is a very dangerous situation as we have no 911 service. Can you imagine if this had happened when the Coalmont hotel caught fire a couple of weeks ago?

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