Basin Coal Mine – Roads

Coalmont Energy Corporation sends us new information regarding the changes to the forest service roads around the coal mine.

Hello to locals around Tulameen and Coalmont

FYI … there have been some changes to the FSRs and roads leading west from the Basin Coal Mine, high above Coalmont. Signs showing km markers and Frequency changes have been installed along the Haul route which Coalmont Energy Corp. will be traveling in future.

The Champion FSR has been renamed in parts to “Lodestone” … in order to ease the number of road names and radio frequencies used on those roads.
Coalmont Energy FSR map
In a few areas with active road construction, the km signs are yet to be displayed permanently, but will be up in due course.

Since hauling will carry on through the winter, it is important to know that these highlighted roads are not to be traveled on with snowmobiles. CEC is working with a number of groups to facilitate parking of snowmobile trailers, etc, near the entrance to the mine and to implement further trail systems to tie in with existing trails. As work progresses and locations are known, we will forward information.

Please feel free to ask any questions … we welcome input for improvement and will strive to be an important part of the community for years to come.

Thanks kindly,
Steve Dimond
Coalmont Energy Corporation