Coalmont Energy Update

As we all see, the operation at the Blakeburn mine has remained on hold. Workers are not back, and the economic benefits of 150 jobs here is not currently being realized. This does not mean that CEC has not been doing anything, nor that government departments have not been kept busy with procedural paperwork – so at least some people are being paid.

At the behest of, and in consultation with the Ministry of Environment, Collins Gulch will be altered to conform to current environmental design, as considered suitable in these circumstances. The thinking is that this will prevent any disaster from happening in the future.

On Friday, the final Environmental Impact Assessment report will be submitted to the Ministry Of Environment. This will be a comprehensive assessment of potential environmental impacts.

It was planned to hold a public information meeting right after this final report, but since the mine is not yet operating, CEC decided to cancel that. They will, however, give us a report with a summary of the various potential impacts. We will be publishing that here as soon as it arrives.   §

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