Our Beach Gets Facelift

White Sands is probably one of Coalmont’s best assets. It’s where we go for family gatherings and weekend picnics. Just a quick quad ride down the KVR, it’s a favourite place for a dip on a hot summer’s afternoon. Our beach is also well known to visitors who don’t contribute to our community – unless you count empty beer cans as an asset.

White Sands Beach

Residents Bill Allinott and George Coey have been working hard to clean up and maintain the White Sands on behalf of the Coalmont Residents Association. In addition, they built an outhouse with lumber donated by Ernie Rice. It took several days of hard work to bring the beach up to snuff. Four truckloads of garbage were removed and a sign was put up to remind our visitors to leave the place the way they found it. All expenses were paid for by Bill.

CCA sign at White Sands Like the sign says, the Community Association encourages visitors to enjoy these facilities responsibly and please report any problems. The e-mail address is on the sign. Of course suggestions and letters of appreciation are welcome as well. Bill and George certainly deserve kudos for all their hard work. §

New Outhouse at White Sands

2 thoughts on “Our Beach Gets Facelift”

  1. Bill and George – You did an AMAZING job building that outhouse and cleaning up White Sands. Thank you so much for all the hard work. The place looks GREAT! You thought of everything – even put reflectors on the outhouse so no one accidentally drives into it in the dark!!! GREAT WORK!!!!!! Thanks also to Ernie for donating all the wood!!!!

  2. Wow, great job at White Sands. It was so nice to take our group of out of town bike riders to the neat & tidy beach on our memorial ride for Duncan Mackenzie on Saturday. They were so impressed and us locals are very grateful for your club members that did all clean up. The outhouse is wonderful and I sure hope others will respect your volunteer efforts as much as our group does.
    Thanks again to all of you for looking after White Sands, it is so beautiful and now it sounds like your group will make sure it stays that way.
    Duncan’s Ride participants and China Ridge Trails Society

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