New Coalmont Signs

No Dumping sign at end of Main Street
We have some new signs around town. The illegal dump at the end of Main Street has irked some residents and now the Regional District has put up a sign. The dump is still there, but it is expected that the RDOS will be removing that in due course. Note the number on the sign if you want to report infractions.

Some other issues have been overdue as well. The Granite Creek historical town site has been much used on long weekends by people from away who do not seem to share any reverence for the site. There were no less than 10 fire pits and one was several metres in diameter. These have now been dismantled and cleaned up. The half burnt garbage has also been removed in an effort to discourage more. This work was done by Bob and Diane Sterne who were kind enough to also provide the sign.

No Motorized Hill climbing Sign
No Camping sign at Granite historical siteIn addition to dealing with the situation at Granite, the Sternes also got a sign for the North end of Parrish Avenue to discourage motor bikes from climbing there – the noise and dust being particularly annoying to those who live right there. Some people will always ignore signs and communities, so this is not a complete solution. However, many visitors are indeed respectful of community wishes and it is expected that the signs will at least have some effect. §

Photos Bob Sterne