Save Our Hospital Rally

Many, if not most, people in Coalmont have signed the petition asking for the return of 24/7 emergency room services at the Princeton General Hospital. Being half an hour away from emergency care is not a good situation for us, but the recent part time ER closure has extended that to over two hours when ambulances need to go to Penticton.

Spencer Coyne, President of the Save Our Hospital Coalition sends us this notice urging us to show our concerns on Tuesday.

Save Our Hospital Coalition is holding a rally on May 22nd, 11:30am outside the Princeton General Hospital front entrance.

Save Our Hospital Coalition and the residents of Princeton are holding this rally in conjunction to a visit to Princeton General Hospital by Dr. Halpenny President and CEO of Interior Health, to show Dr. Halpenny and the IHA that the residents want full 24/7 Emergency Room services restored to the communities hospital.

You can learn more about the Save Our Hospital Coalition from their web site at