Save Our Hospital Coalition

Medical services can be hard for people in Coalmont to access. For even minor surgery, and anything much more than a blood test or x-ray, a trip to Penticton is required. In many cases this involves a second person to drive. All in all that means a lot of man hours and a lot of gas. Not good. If the service that is required is an actual emergency the situation can be much more serious.

We used to have a functional hospital with appropriate emergency service in Princeton. That is no longer the case. However, there is a petition currently being circulated which asks for public support for bringing the Princeton General Hospital back to the state that is needed in this area.

People are speaking out, and there is now a web site dedicated to this issue. The Interior Health plan of centralizing services and shutting down local hospitals is not going over well here.

In reality, it hurts small rural communities in ways that are far deeper than whether or not the emergency ward is open tonight after midnight. It takes away a service that community growth hinges on.

That is from a Similkameen Newsleader editorial. You can read the rest of that, and more, on a new web site set up to bring awareness to these issues. Visit Save Our Hospital Coalition. §