Awards For Coalmont Heroes

Sometimes It Takes a Village to Save a Life

Coalmont from Tower Hill

As most know, on December 30 Maurice Chartrand, his sons Mike and Shane, and Ray Michaud all jumped in to save Bob Sterne’s life when he suffered sudden cardiac arrest (his heart stopped). Their quick actions brought him back to life with no lingering effects. Volunteer Firefighter, Jodi Woodford, showed up with much needed oxygen until an ambulance arrived. Two ambulances came and paramedics quickly loaded Bob onboard and took him to the Princeton hospital where Doctor Eva and a great team of nurses rushed to stabilize him for his ambulance ride to Penticton. One of the nurses rode with Bob all the way to Penticton in case he suffered a second cardiac arrest.

On February 24 Princeton Ambulance Personnel presented awards to some of the heroes from December 30. Shane Chartrand received a medal while Maurice Chartrand, Mike Chartrand, Ray Michaud, Jodi Woodford and Diane Sterne received Good Samaritan plaques. There were so many others who also helped in different ways. Sometimes it takes a village to save a life. Coalmont is a great place to live! §