Coalmont Community Association

The second meeting of what was first called the “Coalmont Ratepayers Association” was held at the Coalmont Hotel tonight. One of the first things on the agenda was choosing a name and, since inclusivity was on the top of everybody’s list, it was decided that the organization should be called the Coalmont Community Association.

From this meeting it was obvious that there is a desire for people to be in touch regarding things that effect us which are happening in the regional district and beyond. There was no talk of local contentious issues. In fact the discussion was quite lively and upbeat.

When the meeting started, there was a cheer for Bob Sterne who has, amazingly, just come back from a sudden death experience. (See previous article.) That set a nice caring tone for the evening.

Most of the agenda was necessarily administrative because of the newness of the association. There is now a basic mission statement and constitution. Becoming a registered society will be the next step.

Present at the meeting were about 25 people, including Ole Juul (chair), Ernie Rice (vice chair), and Penny Goodfellow (secretary/treasurer). Our local Area ‘H’ representative, Brad Hope, was also there to answer questions and, as it turns out, get some input from those present which he can take back to the RDOS board. This specifically regarding the Princeton Landfill which we pay (probably more than) our share of. A number of people reported being charged extra fees. This was surprising news to Hope and it is now looking like the cost of the landfill is not being distributed fairly – neither between Area ‘H’ and Princeton, nor between individual users. This obviously warrants looking into.

There was also a lively discussion about Trans Canada Trail usage and recent events. Bill Allinott, Faye and Ken Davidson, the Sternes, and Brad Hope, had much to report on this subject. It appears that there are a lot of complications, as well as diverse points of view. Almost everyone has a stake in this so we can expect to see the subject on future agendas.

The meeting ended with refreshments and friendly discussion. Michelle, who runs the Coalmont Hotel, was very kind to provide the use of the facility and the evening was indeed a great success.

For detailed information, such as minutes and mission statement, there is a web site. It is hoped that will become a handy place to keep in touch with CCA events and notices. However, for those without internet who would like paper notices, the Sternes have donated a metal mail box which is located by the town bulletin board.

The next meeting will be on April 17 and anybody would owns property, lives here, or would otherwise call themselves a Coalmontian, is welcome to attend. §