Kinder Morgan On Tulameen FSR

There will be some possible delays on the Coquihalla end of the Tulameen Forest Service Road while work is being done. The planned start is October 11th and will continue until the 14th, though there is a slight possibility that it will go as long as the 19th if there is a delay in starting the project.

Since this could effect hauling (which would possibly go through Coalmont again) we have asked Coalmont Energy what is going on. They inform us that at this point they are not aware of this project.

Kinder Morgan is the largest midstream and the third largest energy company in North America. Here is how they describe themselves:

The largest natural gas pipeline and storage operator in the U.S.
The largest independent transporter of refined petroleum products in the U.S.
The largest independent terminal operator in the U.S.
The largest transporter and marketer of CO2 in the U.S.
The only oilsands pipeline serving the West Coast of Canada.

What exactly is planned is not yet known, but it is always of interest when a company with such a high international profile comes into the area.  §

UPDATE: CEC got back to us with this information:

Kinder Morgan is performing hydro-static testing on a 35 kilometer section of its Trans Mountain Pipeline. As per Kinder Morgan, this “voluntary test is part of the company’s integrity and maintenance program and uses water to test the strength and integrity of the pipe”.

This testing is not anticipated to have any impact with respect to hauling from the Basin Coal Mine. Kinder Morgan is implementing safety procedures including flag persons and speed controls along those sections of the Tulameen Forest Service Road that will be affected. Kinder Morgan has advised that traffic will not be stopped, only controlled along the testing areas.

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