Fire Threatens Coalmont

There are wildfires all over BC, thousands of people are displaced, and the province is in a state of emergency. The closest to us is 10 Km NE of Princeton. We are in the Kamloops Fire Centre area and if you want to know more, the active fires are listed on this web page.

Currently there are 146 firefighters, 8 helicopters, and 17 heavy equipment on the job. Check the Fire Centre for updates on this fire. Emergency Info BC has current information on evacuation alerts.

We are lucky that the wind has not carried a lot of smoke here, but it was still quite hazy on Tuesday. The current size of the fire is estimated at 2,700 hectares. Although it is still growing, there are fire breaks being constructed and it’s still looking like we will be fine here, although it is prudent to be prepared for evacuation nevertheless. §

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