Our Cemetery Violated

Granite Creek Cemetery has once again been attacked by irreverent treasure seekers. Over the weekend there were more than sixteen holes dug by someone – presumably in search of interesting historical items. The desecration took place in the Chinese section, so it seems the impostors had some idea in mind relating to that culture, at least as it was in the early days of gold mining in this area. There is a sign at the historic graveyard with a map showing the layout of the plots.

Cemetery Plot Map Sign

The Granite Creek Cemetery is one of the few places where there is a memory of the many Chinese miners who came here and died here. They were not shown much respect in their day, and it behooves us to remember them now as they contributed much more to the life of the day and history of this Province than is generally written about. Other important pioneers of the area, such as Foxcrowle Cook, are also buried here. What some visitors may not know is that this little country graveyard is still in current use by local families, many of whom trace their roots back to those exciting days of the 1880s when Granite Creek attracted hard working pioneers who laid the foundation of what we have here today.

Cook headstone at Granite

For more information on Granite Creek visit granitecreekbc.ca

Update, 2017-05-28
A reader has requested that we post pictures of the actual holes dug. Here are four examples. There is an exhumed Chinese grave in each photo, so you can judge the proximity and size of the holes that were dug over the May Long Weekend. This is less than half of them. Some of them overlap, leaving an area about 2 metres across disturbed. This is actually a delicate archaeological situation and requires more than usual sensitivity on the part of visitors.

grave site disturbance (1)

grave site disturbance (2)

grave site disturbance (3)

grave site disturbance (4)

3 thoughts on “Our Cemetery Violated”

  1. Not to make light of this… but perhaps someone could post pictures of an actual hole that was dug… because the picture of holes presented on CBC was of disinterred graves many decades old.

  2. Thanks for posting the additional pictures… however, before the moral drum get’s beating to loud, you may want to consider that each year “some” local residents have thousands of gallons of their raw human sewage dumped right beside this graveyard.
    Francis LaRoche

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